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Feb 6, 2014

Ann Tancio



SINGAPORE, January 24th 2014 – Sumo Lounge, the international market leader in bean bag furnishings, salutes adecade of producing and distributing high-quality products by launching some exciting, new partnership opportunities. After recently launching a luxury vacation rentals sector, the brand wishes to solidify their dominant position on the market by partnering with select distributors in order to expand production and brand awareness around the globe.

The unconventional decision to sell the rights to Sumo Lounge products outright or through exclusive distribution was not made lightly. It was decided by the company’s Board of Directors after founder, Andrew Milligan, spent years traveling around the world in search of new markets for the brand – finally concluding that it was best to keep only the key markets operational while selling off the rest to qualified distributors with firm market knowledge in their area.

The Board of Directors are confident that this new direction will work well for Sumo Lounge. “The brand is stronger than ever”, says Richard Brownlee, “Over the last few months, our sales have steadily increased and website traffic is the highest it has ever been… it’s a great opportunity for someone to start their own bean bag company with a well-established brand.”

Indeed, Sumo Lounge has firmly positioned themselves as top contenders in the bean bag industry with over 2500 unique visitors per day and a combined total of over 1500 media appearances (magazine, television and online). Potential partners would definitely have an advantage on the competition by collaborating with a company with 10 years of experience in production, distribution and perhaps most importantly, marketing knowledge of a very small niche.

“It makes a lot of sense.” Richard Brownlee continues, “If someone wants to start a bean bag company in a country Sumo Lounge doesn’t represent, it would take years to even begin to build the reputation we have managed to secure over the last decade. We provide our expert knowledge. They offer brand representation in an area we know nothing about… a definite win-win situation for all concerned.”

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