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Nov 30, 2014

Ann Tancio

Sumo Omni Reloaded Review: Sit Back, Relax By Adam Dodd on November 29, 2014@BabyColada OmniR_2 Tweet OmniR_1 From the Sumo Lounge test chambers, which I can only imagine resembles some sort of underground hive facility where scientists, technicians and engineers work tirelessly to come up with cozy places for us to rest our bums while we watch movies, read, or play video games, comes the Omni Reloaded. Unlike their other products, some of which I’ve reviewed here over the years, this chair actually is a chair. I’ve spent a substantial portion of my life engulfed in the foamy goodness that is Sumo’s line of products. I still have my Sumo Titan, which currently resides in my living room, and my love for it hasn’t diminished. It’s still ridiculously comfortable and it’s managed the incredible feat of retaining its original shape. It’s had some butts on it over the last year that would’ve ruined most beanbag chairs, but the Titan always manages to bounce back. The Omni Reloaded is nothing like the Titan or Emperor. Like the Omni beanbag, which this product seems to have been inspired by, it’s meant for one person. It’s also portable, though I’d use that term loosely. Even though it’s significantly smaller than their beanbags, this chair isn’t as easy to move around as I would’ve thought it would be. If you’re looking for something you can bring to the beach or to a friend’s place for a movie night, that’s when you’ll use this. It folds up, somewhat awkwardly, so it can fit inside the bag it comes bundled with. Unfolding it is easy, and sitting on it is even easier. While the Omni Reloaded is way more comfortable than any other fold-up chair I’ve ever used — and I’ve lived on the coast most of my life, so bringing chairs to the beach is something I did oftengrowing up — its debut is in need of some fine-tuning before I’d say it’s definitely worthy of a purchase. For a chair with a $199 price tag, I expect a little more than its current iteration offers. OmniR_2 Even still, it’s a good product and one I plan on using every time I need additional seating. Because it’s a Sumo chair, it’s high quality stuff, so it should last awhile. It also comes in a variety of colors, from a subtle tan color to neon orange, if you’re feeling brave. I think the issue that’s keeping me from being as excited about this product as I’ve been with the rest is, while I enjoyed the Omni Reloaded and the impressive level of comfort it offers for what’s essentially an evolution of the fold-up chair, I came into this with high expectations. It isn’t easy following up the Gigantor, Titan or Emperor with something so different. Even still, there’s serious potential here that could eventually turn it into a real hit. But for now, it’s not a must-buy, at least not yet. As soon as Sumo Lounge shaves a little off that price tag and makes some tweaks to its portability, I’ll be the first to give it two massive thumbs up. Until then, I’d only recommend it if you often find yourself in situations extra seating is important. It’s also worth considering for those of you who make lots of trips to the beach or pool. Otherwise, wait for the sequel. If you’d like to check it out, you can find the Sumo Omni Reloaded on the Sumo Lounge website. For more of Sumo Lounge’s products, check out their website.

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