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Dec 24, 2013

Ann Tancio

[Ultimate Gamer Lounge] A Review Of The Sumo Titan

If you visit this site with any sort of regularity, you’re probably already fully aware of my undying love for Sumo Lounge and their line of ridiculously comfortable bean bag chairs. They’re top-of-the-line, come in an assortment of colors and fabrics, and thanks to what I can only assume is black magic, they also never go flat. If you’re still seeking the ideal gift to get that horizontally inclined special someone in your life, Sumo has you covered. Literally. Their bean bags will smother you, but they’re soft embrace will be so luxurious that you won’t even mind.

Today, we’re taking a look at the Sumo Titan — a bean bag that lives up to its name. Read my review of this big beauty after the break.

When I say big beauty, what I really mean is something more along the lines of colossal beauty, or better yet — gargantuanbeauty. What I’m trying to say is this thing is huge. It’s like a slightly smaller (specifically 70″ x 49″ x 36″), though no less intimidating younger sibling of the Gigantor, which happened to be the first Sumo bean bag I reviewed nearly four years ago.

The Titan is ideal for the bean bag enthusiast who wants something big and cozy without taking over the room it’s in. The Gigantor will take over a room. This is a wee bit more subtle.

It’s one of the newest additions to Sumo’s ever-growing line of forever squishy heaven furniture and as such, it comes with a bunch of customization options, including a handful of colors (Pitch Black, Khaki, Funky Brown and Fiery Red) as well as two possible covers, Microsuede and Corduroy. The Microsuede is a classic and probably my favorite, but Corduroy still feels great and it also looks classier, for some reason, like you could get away with smoking a pipe on it. Whichever cover you use, both can be washed after you realize you’ve essentially been living on it.

For something this size, it’s remarkably easy to get the cover on and off, all you have to do is unzip it and slip it off, then shove it back in after the Cheetos dust and sticky patches of spilled soda have been cleansed from its exterior.

I have to tell you that when Sumo says their bean bags never go flat, they mean it. As someone who’s owned two (the Gigantor and Sway) for a few years now, I can happily confirm it. I’m not sure how they accomplished such a thing — when asked if black magic played a part, they declined to comment — but my Gigantor is only a little bit lumpy after years of (ab)use. Other than that, it’s managed to retain its original shape and is just about as comfortable as the day I got it.

I suppose it goes without saying that there’s a plethora of uses you can get out of these bean bags. They’re fantastic for cuddling, video game or movie marathons or reading books, assuming you still do that. On an unrelated note, why don’t people read books anymore? Come on, books are amazing. If you do decide to get a Titan — it’s $399 here, or $419 for Corduroy — I recommend you get a book to go along with it. Might I suggest Doctor Sleep?

If the Titan isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, I’d also suggest taking a look at the Emperor and Gigantor. I hear they’re pretty great, too.

BIG thanks to the fine folks at Sumo Lounge for providing me with a Titan. I will love and cherish it forever, or at least until I die and am found a week later lying on it with a controller in one hand and a mostly empty Monster energy drink in the other.

The above picture is of our new family dog, Vinny, who immediately fell paw over paw in love with the Titan as soon as it arrived. Unlike Samson, Vinny’s new to the world of puppy modeling. I’ve told him not to be too self conscious about his body, but he just can’t seem to get over his ears, which he wishes were bigger.

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