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Aug 2, 2009

Ann Tancio


Review: A week with the Sumosac Gigantor


The Sumo XXL Gigantor is a comfy bean bag chair that spreads out to cover about 40 square feet. I have been lounging on it and my conclusions follow.


  • It’s enormous, adequately constructed and significantly cheaper than the equivalent Love Sac. These are the three main points that you’re probably looking for. Voila.
  • The covers, available in four colors, are a basic faux-suede. Not as fancy as the Love Sac options.
  • Getting the cover on is an an epic task. It’s like putting a condom on a melon: not impossible, but you wouldn’t want to have to do it for money. You’ll need at least two people, so don’t buy one if you have no friends.
  • It’s delivered in a relatively small container, and expands to full size when you take it out. I should have realized this when the exploded cardboard box it came in was clearly held together solely by its nylon straps. So don’t take it out in the entry way, folks, if you plan on taking it to the third floor, unless you like dragging massive styrofoam Shoggoths up stairs.
  • The shredded foam inside is surprisingly, but not amazingly, comfortable. It holds its form much better than oldschool beanbags. It’s a bit lumpy, but it didn’t bother me.
  • I tried sleeping on it, because it was so big. I woke up a few hours later, after having a nightmare in which I had to escape my house, but there were snipers outside. My dogs had joined me on it at some point during the night. I went to bed.
  • Don’t get it in black if you have dogs and their hair is not black.
  • This item is haunted by the same problems as other giant beanbag-like items: the lack of horizontal surfaces means that books, keyboards, scotch, etc., don’t stay put, but the sheer size means that exterior reality is always beyond arm’s reach.
  • Unless you have a big room to put it in, don’t.

The Sumo Gigantor is $400, shipped.

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