Boston Herald

Dec 24, 2010

Ann Tancio

Sumo Sway: The best seat in the TV roomboston-herald-10b-1

If you’ve never relaxed in a Sumo chair, you don’t know beans about playing video games, reading a book or watching television in comfort and style.

Sumo makes beanbag chairs that are nothing like the lumpy, uncomfortable ones from the 1970s. Instead, these are large – sometimes gigantic – pieces that feature the latest in polystyrene foam balls and machine-washable covers.

We’ve tested Sumo lounge gear in the past, so we can vouch for their durability. A Gigantor that is three or four years old looks like it did the day it burst out of its box, despite being used daily as the favorite chair in the rec room.

The latest Sumo offering is the Sway and Sway Couple. These chairs have curved backs sewn in to support the neck and spine. The Sway Couple weighs in at 50 pounds and measures 51 W X 44 L X 33 H, easily large enough to fit a loving couple, or at least two good friends who aren’t frightened by proximity.

The Sway Couple is available with a microsuede cover ($279) or corduroy ($299). Pricing includes FedEx shipping.

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