Boston Herald

Dec 14, 2008

Ann Tancio


SumoSac: The art of lounging

This is not your father’s beanbag. Hey, it’s not even your older sister’s.

Haven’t heard the buzz about Sumo Lounge’s line of beanbag chairs, rockers, ottomans, and now even dog beds? Chances are you don’t read gaming and gadget magazines and websites. Not that the rave reviews and coverage has been limited to those niche publications. This furniture was even featured in a four-picture spread in Playboy, complete with a topless model.

Now that we’ve established just how cool the Sumo beanbag chairs are, it’s time to tell you why the SumoSac is even better than previous Sumo furniture.

The ‘chair’ remains a pillow filled with shredded furniture grade urethane. It ships ready to use. There’s no tedious and messy filling of the chair needed once it arrives The sacs do not have an inner frame, so they can be pushed and shaped into whatever position is comfortable.

The sacs come in four sizes: The Gamer ($199) is 42 x 42x 34 inches; the Couple ($229) is 48 x 48 x 36; the Sultan ($249) is 54 x 54 x 42; and the Gigantor, ($399), which measures in at a whopping 86 x 60 x 40. (Don’t worry, the company vacuum packs the chairs, so the shipping boxes – which look like they will burst at the seams — are not as big.)

While earlier Sumo chairs featured ballistic nylon covering, the SumoSacs have removable micro suede covers. Between the cradling comfort of the inner urethane and the smooth touch of the cover, the SumoSacs are a joy to lounge upon.

Another good thing about the covers is they can be zipped off and run through the washing machine. So go ahead; spill the buttered popcorn while watching a movie.

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