Boston Herald

Dec 18, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo: A chair for all reasons

If beanbag chairs make you think of bell bottoms, flower power and the 70s, it?s time to take a good long rest on Sumo Lounge?s Omni.

Of course, finding your favorite position on this modern example of ?urban lounge gear? may take awhile. That?s not because it?s uncomfortable; just the opposite. Fold it, throw it, jump on it, smush it ? not matter from what angle you approach it, it won?t take more than a couple of seconds to adjust it to just the right fit.

The perfect piece of furniture for a dorm room or den, the beanbag is surprising large and heavy-duty. Made from rip-proof nylon, it is 4.5? by 5.5? and weighs 18 pounds.

A six-year-old who was helping to test the beanbag wanted to sleep on it ? it?s that comfortable and large. Watching television, typing product reviews, playing video games and even taking a cat nap are all activities the Sumo can handle.

For extra comfort, the Sumo Otto is a round seat with a 50cm radius thweighs only five pounds. It makes for a great mini stool around a coffee table or in front of the television. If you are lucky and no one is sitting on either, drop yourself onto the Omni and throw your feet up on the Otto.

The beanbags come in seven colors. The Omni is on sale this Christmas season for $129 while the Otto goes for $75.

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