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Nov 30, 2006

Ann Tancio


Everyone Needs One of These for Christmas! Sumo Lounge Chairs

Remember the days of the bean bag, I always had one when I was a kid until my dog ate part of it and those white balls started getting all over the place…then my Mom made me toss the thing. F! Well I just got one of these things and it’s like a new age bean bag. It’s made from space age rip-proof nylon kind of reminds me of those commercials about the beds with the space age foam.

It’s great for home entertainment centers, kids rooms, gaming chairs, college dorms, small apartments, and camping, or even around the pool (yes, they are water repellant). Althought I don’t think you could take it in the pool but you could definately layout with it. Actually that is a great idea.

I got one in the Charcoal Green but they are available in a rainbow of colors including Pitch Black, Pure White, Hot Pink, Tangerine, Fiery Red, Midnight Blue, Platinum and Charcoal Green, Sumo chairs are the perfect accent to match almost any color or style mix. Sumos are huge, hence the name but they are stain resistant and easy to clean, and lightweight enough to be moved from room to room to suit your activity schedule.

Perhaps the most enjoyable feature is the endless array of shapes you can create with it – use it as a lounge chair, a fold-over pillow, and so on. Don’t be fooled, once you place it in a preferred position and sit down in it, the sturdy little foam balls realign around your body, molding you comfortably into a shell that hugs your body.

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