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Oct 23, 2008

Ann Tancio


The next time you are wondering how you can get the perfect beanbag or a lounge chair in your living room which would be great to sit on, watch telly, play video games, slowly work your way through a bag of crisps or even catch some shut eye, take a look at the new Sumo Omni Plus. Sure, the name does not as flattering as it should be but the Sumo Omni Plus (well, that is what the guys who named it and must have put in some thought there) is truly amazing in every sense of the word. You might think that I am being over effusive but that is the reaction that binds me to so many other Sumo Omni Plus owners who have been convinced about the comfort quotient of this bean bag chair.

For the practical folks reading this review, I would not want them to make a decision just based on my excitement so am listing down a set of pros and cons which should help them make an ‘informed’ decision when it comes to buying the Sumo Omni Plus:

Benefits of the bean bag chair includes the fact is that it is ergonomically friendly which means that there is no way it is going to go against your natural body posture and the innovative straps help create the sitting position you like. In fact, the straps system of the Sumo Omni and Sumo Omni Plus should be patented (if not already done) since it is a brilliant piece of ‘sitting equipment usability’ that I have ever come across. Not only can you make yourself comfortable, the straps also HOLD the position for you (if you know what I mean). I am sure someone spent hours on research to get this right and it works wonderfully for me.

Secondly, the soft suede-like microfiber does not feel anything like the fake sticky suede which is common these. The Sumo Omni Plus comes in really wide range of colors and is perfect to add some style and loads of comfortable seating arrangement to just about any room. It is not very heavy which results in me lugging it around from room to room. To top it off, the fabric of Sumo Omni is rip-proof (though I have not yet tried ripping it!) so if you have kids, you don’t need to worry too much about spilling beans or getting it dirty! The only con I can come up with is the price, it’s a bit expensive at $199.

There is no question that I would recommend the Sumo Omni Plus to anyone looking for a bean bag and though the price tag might result is some bits of sticker shock, it does end up being well worth the buy! We at Buzzhumor got the Sumo Omni Plus as a test to do a fair review and as you can see we are quite thrilled with the bean bag and have already begun recommending it to family and friends. The Sumo Omni Plus might sound like it takes up a lot of space but contrary to its name, it’s quite compact and comes in a manageable FedEx box since it is vacuum packed and that saves you significant shipping costs as well. In conclusion, the Sumo Omni Plus is a KICK ASS product.

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