Cameron Moll

Jul 27, 2008

Ann Tancio


Review: SumoSac lounge seat

Readers who’ve visited this site for a few years may recall the review I did of the Sumo Omni bean bag chair. Once again, Sumo contacted me and offered to send a sample for review, and I agreed.

What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was the ginormocity of the thing. I came home to the largest and heaviest package I think I’ve ever received, and inside was a SumoSac.


Unlike the Sumo Omni, the SumoSac contains “shredded furniture grade urethane foam” which creates a very soft sitting space that can be reshaped to your liking. It ships vacuum-compressed and looks like a “giant brain” as my sons described it:


Slip on the cover and begin separating the foam as if picking apart a giant loaf of bread. Within a day or so, the foam will expand to fill the cover.

For those of us here in Utah, lounge seats of this kind are nothing new. LoveSac, a competing manufacturer, was started right here in Utah and essentially created the U.S. market for large, foam furniture. What sets the SumoSac apart from LoveSac, however, is cost. The SumoSac is about one-third the price of a LoveSac of similar size, and yet the quality and comfort seem comparable to that of a LoveSac.

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about SumoSac is versatility. It sits in our living room as a comfortable place to land for home bodies and guests, serves as the perfect landing pad at the bottom of stairs for stunts in a house full of boys, and can be transported (albeit not easily because of its weight) for other uses. In fact, on Saturday we dragged it out back for a late-night movie on the lawn.

SumoSac is available for purchase currently only in the U.S., while the Sumo Omni can be purchased in the UK and Austrailia.

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