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Feb 18, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumos And Nostalgic Fun (Product Review)

I grew up in the 1970s, a strange decade where plastic seemed everywhere all at once — we wore it, we ate and drank from it, we lived in it, and for a little while we sat in it. One of the more enjoyable gifts I recall receiving were beanbag chairs from my parents, one each for my sister and I. Mine was blue and hers was red, I believe, and we dragged them out whenever we watched TV. They were comfortable and made for slouching, a favorite teenage pastime, but mostly they were just wildly odd.

I used mine as often as possible, which eventually was its downfall. The plastic bag itself just couldn’t hold up to the strain, and the styrofoam pellets started leaking everywhere. Duct tape got deployed in a last-ditch effort to save my teenage recliner, but to no avail. Eventually both bags met their doom, at the insistence of our parents, who didn’t sign up to turn their house into a snowscape comprised of little styrofoam balls … with static cling to spare.

So how is it?



It’s a big improvement over my last beanbag. The material is much sturdier, as promised; I’ve been plopping into this for several days, and no problem. The Little Admiral has had a couple of chances to use and likes it, although I’m not sure she really grasps the concept; she put it on our bed to sit in it and watch TV. I put it in a more traditional setting, as you can see here. I put my Sony Vaio laptop in it so you can get a sense of the dimension. (Click on the photo for a larger look.)

It’s been a fun new addition to my blogging. I sit and relax, and it provides just the right level for my computer so that my hands find the keys easily. The FM has mostly been amused about it, and hasn’t tried it out yet. That may be because she was around when I made another, less pleasant discovery: I’m no teenager any more.

All in all, though, I liked and recommend the Sumo Omni Bag for those who have more of their youthful agility — or those who, like me, just like to wax nostalgic for it. They’re on sale at the Sumo Lounge website, and they have pictures of more attractive people than Yours Truly demonstrating them.

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