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Oct 21, 2007

Ann Tancio


Review: Sumo’s Omni Beanbag Chair

First off, without a doubt the Omni is the most comfortable beanbag I’ve ever used. Past beanbags would never hold their shape or would feel awkward. Neither of these problems plague the Omni. No matter how I sit, the Omni is always an enjoyable experience. Which brings up an interesting “feature” of the Omni. In reality, the Omni isn’t a chair; it’s more of a giant pillow. Due to this unique shape, it can be used in a number of interesting positions; all of which I’ve found to be quite comfortable.


However, the molding has a downside as well. Finding the exact position you’re looking for can take time. You may have to reshape the Omni a few times (which is really easy, by the way) or settle for something close to what you envisioned. The good news is the Omni is comfortable in whatever position you make and placing it against a wall seems to make shaping it a million times easier.

Other than that minor complaint, I’m quite satisfied with Sumo’s Omni. It’s comfortable in any position, rugged, and works as intended. Just make sure you have plenty of space, as this is one of the larger beanbags I’ve seen.

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