Aug 26, 2008

Ann Tancio



SumoSac Gamer

Can gaming get any more comfortable?

Beanbags for the most part are hit and miss. They are all nice and puffy for a while and then they get flat after use. And when a beanbag gets flat, it becomes more junk in the landfills. Now what if a beanbag is made to last considerably longer than your standard run of the mill bag? SumoLounge has introduced such a bag that the company says will not decompress over time.

Called the SumoSac, the bag is big enough to sleep on in a fetal position, or with your legs dangling over the sides. Two can comfortably fit on it for anight of movie watching at home or for just plain fun. When SumoLounge sent the SumoSac Gamer bag for review, I had initial reservations that the bag was going to be like the three other pieces of junk laying around my game room, it will be ugly, or just not comfortable. I was wrong on all three counts. The SumoSac came in a bulging box, and it required that you fill the bag with the bean bag material, which is 100 percent shredded furniture grade urethane foam.

After that, I stood it up and jumped on it. In front of my TV, I played some video games, channel surfed, and even, heaven forbid, snacked on the SumoSac. It is by far the most comfortable bean bag I’ve sat in, so much so that assistant editor and incoming college freshman Josh stole it one weekend and had his friend Robin crash out on it for the night. Robin slept comfortably on that SumoSac for the night. It works really well, and as advertised.


I’ve had it for the better part of three months and it still retains its shape with no flat spots of any kind. In addition to the SumoSac Gamer, SumoLounge offers a variety of SumoSacs, including the SumoSac Couple, the Sultan, and the Giganator, which can be aptly be described as a party sac. Available in a variety of colors, SumoSacs are priced starting at $199 with free shipping. For more information, visit

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