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Dec 20, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Urban Lounge Gear Product Review

Get your “lounge” on with the Omni Bean Bag Chair from Sumo Urban Lounge Gear.

Sometime in the future we may very well see a telethon created solely for the purpose of curing “Gamer’s Thumb”, but until then, gaming pros and amateurs alike will just have to learn to live with this terrible affliction. Unfortunately the news gets worse, because even though we put our delicate digits in daily danger of becoming “sore” and “ouchy”, another part of our anatomy continues to silently suffer the abuse we dare not speak of: yes, I’m talking about what the ancient Romans might have called Sorus Buttus, or Sore Butt for short.


When you sit down for hours at a time like we do in our jobs, the pain experienced in your rear end is no laughing matter. Thankfully one such company has recognized that gamers (and perhaps even those who do not game.not sure what to call these freaks) require something comfy and funky to ease their suffering. I hereby introduce the Sumo Omni by Sumo Urban Lounge Gear.

The Sumo Omni lounge chair is a monster of a beanbag chair which measures 5.5 feet x 4.5 feet and will accommodate all shapes and sizes. Unlike other beanbag chairs, the Sumo Omni is made of a ballistic PVC nylon, which is incredibly durable, comfortable and extremely easy to keep clean. The Omni can be configured in a myriad of ways that are only limited to the imagination and requires absolutely no time spent waiting on hold with tech support. Wanna lay on it like a bed? Go ahead! Want to sit on it like you’re riding a horse? Nothing’s stopping you. Scrunch it up like couch, shape it like a throne, lay on top like Snoopy on his doghouse.the sky is the limit. Don’t forget to include the additional matching Otto (ottoman) which is made of the same space-age material and can be used as a footstool or a stool as well.


The Sumo Omni and Otto are available in 7 awesome colors which will easily match any design theme in your home, office, den or cottage and will provide years of comfort thanks to the quality of the product. They’re also easily refillable too in case you ever need to puff them up again.

I put the Sumo’s through numerous rigorous tests, all involving various stages of lounging, sloughing off, relaxing, playing video games and watching TV and they passed with flying colors. I really don’t know what I have done without them up until now. My only slight complaint was that one of the Sumo Lounge chairs seemed to be a little low on beans when compared to the other ones. Again, that’s a problem that’s easily rectified.


We love ours and thank Omni Urban Lounge Gear from the bottom of our..bottoms. Visit and order yours today! Don’t game without one!

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