Jan 16, 2007

Ann Tancio


I think I’ve discovered the perfect chair. Except it’s not just a chair. It’s an ideal space for watching the kids play, doing some serious gaming, reading a good book, watching a flick, or taking that well-deserved nap….

If you’re looking for something easy to store and comfy to sit on, indoors or out, Sumo Urban Lounge Gear makes what they call a super-sized pillow or crash mat – the Omni – a huge beanbag-esque lounge chair for the urban chic.

It is a very accommodating 4.5 ft. x 5.5 ft, yet only weighs 18 lbs. It is made of “ballistic nylon” which is a durable, stain resistant, PVC coated, nylon that feels smooth and comfortable. It’s filled with “Sumo Beads”, otherwise known as virgin polystyrene foam.

What separates the Sumo bean bag chair from any other is … just about everything.

We had people ranging in age from 2 to 82 sit on it, jump on it, sleep on it, play on it, and be able to get out of it with out difficulty (not all at the same time of course).

The Sumo Omni is beyond the ultimate gaming accessory. The gamers we spoke with gave it a two thumbs up for cool looks and excellent positions. They also came up with a few that were quite interesting.

Most gamers play for hours on end, and they were digging the Sumo comfort factor – that body contouring, foam bead comfort. They also liked the fact that when they were done they could literally toss it in the corner of the room and it was out of the way, pretty impressive for its size.

The kids were amazing on this “chair”. They loved that it could be set up like a little nest and they could lay in it to listen to stories or watch a ‘toon. At one point we had four kids lying on it watching a movie all at the same time. The impressive part was that there was no arguing. Any mom can appreciate that.

This chair is a must have for any well-suited playroom or family room. Want more than one? No problem, because they can be stacked out of the way when not being used. Although I have to admit I don’t see that happening very often.

We got the same rousing, “I have got to have one of these!” from the high school and college bound set. Absolutely perfect bedroom or dorm room seating. Our best response to the Omni was from an 82 year old grandma who we talked into giving the chair a try. “Oh honey, I might get into it, but we are going to need some help to get me out of it.”

Being a good sport she gave it a whirl. She loved how comfortable it was for “her old bones”, and to her surprise she was able to get back up with no help. She was so happy she sat back down and tried again. You gotta love it.

The hip look, the body contouring comfort, durable stain resistant cover, it’s size, weight, customer satisfaction guarantee, two year manufacturer warranty, flexibility of use – not to mention the choice of eight cool and funky colors, I believe for the money ($129 – $149 USD) this chair-bean bag-lounger has the competition beat.

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