Citrus Pub

Jun 30, 2007

Ann Tancio

Yay chairs

I’ve been really busy lately at work, ironic since I’ve been trying to work less hours. I guess that is just how things go. I did pick up new chair for my place though. I’ve been wanting one for some time, and looked at a few. My friend, Lenna mentioned the Sumo Urban Lounge – think beanbag type chair. I looked at it a while back, but did not want to pay the price they had then. Well, they went on sale, and I decided get one.

The thing is deceptively comfortable. They are form fitting, so they mold to your body, or to whatever shape you place them. Here is where they get sneaky, I almost fell asleep sitting in one. They are that comfortable. It’s lightweight, red, looks pretty snazzy. I’ll try and get a picture maybe.

The only other thing I need is one of those blondes that they show sitting on it. Sadly, she was not included. I would have taken a brunette, or redhead though. Ahh well.

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