Aug 2, 2005

Ann Tancio


Arren shows us how to make our less-than-palatial spaces sing. Whether you’re moving out for the first time or just downsizing, dealing with a small space can be tricky. Because condominiums are built small to utilize as much as the builder’s space as possible, lots of us are forced to live in close quarters. Follow these tips to make the most of your space while saving your style. Model suites don’t show where things like bulkheads and outlets will be. For this reason, avoid ordering your furniture before you move in, as tempting as it is to preplan. There are lots of different options and styles for condo living. The slipper chair I chose is colourful, to scale, and above all, comfortable. The sofa I found is part of a new trend that a lot of retailers are banking on – smaller scale furniture for small spaces. This is widely available (this sofa is from Sears) and great for making sure that you don’t buy a couch that will look huge in your small living room. One of the best things to look into for your space is multi-purpose furniture. For instance, the chocolate-coloured coffee table that I found not only serves as a coffee table, but it provides hidden storage and it opens up to a higher level so you can dine on it as well. Just because you live in a small space, aim for quality with your furniture. It will stay with you for a long time, so it’s best to enjoy it now rather than buying “temporary furniture”. The beanbag chair that I picked up is a Sumo and it can lie flat, be used upright as a single chair, and can be stacked for two people. This is great for a young person’s condo and if need be, can be tossed aside to make room for something else. When painting a bachelor apartment, contrasting blocks of colour would be overpowering. Instead, use very slight colour delineations to distinguish different areas of a room. (For instance, choose Minced Onion, Cream Silk, and Dark Linen.) This progression won’t bring up any visual clutter, but will keep the space interesting. As hard as it might be, you must de-clutter before you move in to your small space. It will only be that much harder once you move in and start to unpack. Keep only what you love and edit, edit, edit! Related Link: CityLine

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