Jul 21, 2008

Ann Tancio


What is the Sumo Sac?

Due in part to a deficit of lounging furniture in our home, we began looking into finding something extremely comfortable.  Not just “La-Z Boy” comfortable.. but “Lazy Stoner X-treme” comfortable.

I phoned my contacts in the amorphous furniture industry and quickly aquired a Khaki SumoSac.


This newest model of Sumo chair arrives highly compressed in a large duffle bag. It almost seems like someone used one of those “space bag” vacuums to suck all of the air out of the soft foam cushions and reduce them to a solid block of hard rubber.

Out of its black cage, the inner bag of foam expanded to monsterous proportions!

I enlisted the help of the neighbor kids to extract the shredded foam filling and to cram it into the microsuede shell. It wasn’t complicated like Ikea furniture, but it was a challenge. The name “Sumo” is appropriate, because the inner bag became HUGE, and it wasn’t lightweight. It was a massive, heavy bag, measuring about 7 feet across.


With a fair amount of jostling, the kids stretched the outer cover, a soft khaki fabric, around the foam bag and zipped it shut.

The Sumo Sac was complete, and ready to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Did I mention it was huge?


The Sumo Sac is filled with hundreds, or maybe thousands of fist-sized chunks of springy foam rubber. Shaking the bag, tumbling or fluffing the contents can fill the bag all the way, so that it is almost round. Sitting on the bag ejects a lot of the air, which results in a visually less-impressive english muffin shape.


However, this english muffin shape is remarkably comfortable and fun to bury yourself in.

The gigantic size is irresistible! We found it to be perfect for watching movies at home, reading, talking on the phone or dozing off.


The SumoSac is terrific for folks who love to lie down on the couch, and unlike most soft furniture, there was enough material to sculpt a supportive back when I wanted to sit upright.

Also, the Sac is noticeably quieter than other “bean bag” chairs, because it doesn’t contain styrofoam beads. For some reason, styrofoam beads create a  supernaturally loud crunching sound when you put them into a bag-chair. This is a subtle improvement, but it makes a huge difference when you are watching a quiet movie with friends or trying to get the kids to go to sleep.


PROs: Huge size, quiet stuffing, luxurious cover, Possible to fashion a back-support.

Cons: Huge size, demands fluffing for best results.

This is a really fun chair which is luxurious enough to keep out of the kids’ room.  It is ideal for relaxing in front of the stereo, watching television or recovering from a bachelorette party.

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