Cockeyed Huge Bean Bag Chair Review

Nov 20, 2006

Ann Tancio


What is the Sumo Chair?

Our Sumo chair arrived the other day, just in time!


We had planned a small house party, but a bunch of additional guests showed up. These were guests we hadn’t planned seating for.

Sumo chair to the rescue!


The Sumo chair is a less evolved form of chair. I believe they are harvested from the Sea of Japan.

Instead of relying on a sturdy skeleton for internal support, Sumo chairs hold their shape using only a tough exomembrane.

Our gang of pseudo-scientific guests were drawn to its amorphous shape. What was its natural position, and how should it be sat upon? An long evening of seated experimentation began.

Justin wondered if they had shipped a bed by mistake.


Michelle took advantage of her turn on the chair, enjoying a mini-indoor pillow picnic.


Meredith said it reminded her of something from the gym. She vaulted into a handstand…


…and collapsed.

She was unharmed! Was it an airbag?


Eric was not convinced of its safety. Could it protect a child from an awkward landing off of the nearby trampoline chair?

He prepared 21 rigorous safety tests, but everyone in the room kinda freaked out after the first twelve.


June decided it was a crib.


The Sumo chair is not a horse.

Her name is not “Sadie”.


Towards the end of the evening, everyone accepted that although strange, the Sumo chair deserved to be treated just like any other chair. Not better, not worse, just different.

Coincidentally, that was also the theme of the after-school special we were watching.

A Sumo chair is a nice addition to any house, it is versatile, tough, and comfortable in many configurations.

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