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Jul 3, 2010

Ann Tancio

Review - Sumo-Gamer: comfort for gamers


umo-Gamer: comfort for gamers

One of the biggest problems that increasingly afflicts a considerable number of gamers is to be comfortably seated while you are playing; tell the truth, sometimes it seems almost impossible, this is because maybe the sofa is placed too far from the TV or it simply is not the maximum of comfort. Personally, I always thought that the best solution was something that would allow you to feel comfortable, including your legs, but above all to adapt to the person. The solution I had in mind was one of those furnishing accessories called bean-bags (in Italy many people know them as "poufs"), that is to say armchairs filled with pellets of various materials that are actually shaped according to weight and to the shape of the person sitting on it. There are basically two major flaws in these solutions on the market: if you spend little you have a rather poor product that after 2 weeks will make you find yourself sitting practically at floor level; if you want a valid product the expense will be particularly high.


Turning to the web I came across a US company, the Sumo-Lounge, which in fact specializes in creating and selling these bean bags, offering a product characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio but which, above all, offers shipping free of the object.

On their website you can find many solutions that differ substantially in shape and size: they go from the sofa to the simple "pouf" to support the feet (some of these, however, are available only by viewing the US site, ed). We at Console-Tribe have had the opportunity to try the solution designed and created for us gamers who want an optimal gaming experience: the product in question is called Sumo-Gamer.

Offered at the price of 149 €, shipping costs included, the Sumo-Gamer will arrive within a package of a weight of 17KG that clearly testify to the robustness of the object. The two pieces contained are in fact the external casing, available in 4 colors for a fabric similar to velvet, and the actual bag containing many small polyester fibers put under vacuum to occupy as little space as possible. As soon as you receive the whole thing, in fact, you will not have to do anything but open the nylon bag to let the air in and move it all in a warm environment, rotating it every hour for at least a day. Then just insert the bag inside the cover and enjoy your purchase. Be careful not to open the zipper on the bag,


I was able to use the Sumo-Gamer for a month, we can say daily, and I was genuinely impressed; it adapts perfectly to your way of sitting and, despite the size and considerable weight (if you have a micro-bedroom, opt for a different product!), it will become your favorite gaming station in no time, guaranteed!

On balance this Sumo-Gamer has proved to be a great product, characterized by a very attractive price, especially in light of the overall quality of the same. Recommended purchase.

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