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Oct 3, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumolounge Omni Beanbag Review

So can a big beanbag win us over? Well we figured it was worth a try even if it didn’t include a pretty lady sat on top. ship free within the USA complete with beans, however we’re based in the UK so they sent ours flat-packed. This is a whole lot cheaper – the thought of a huge beanbag sat in the hold of an a 747 somewhere would probably start a huge party at the local parcel company.

The Sumo – this is the larger “Omni” beanbag by the way – arrived quickly and I took some shots of it whilst waiting in a local car park. This is a dark green one – there’s several colours available so check to see which one will suit your room best.


Mine came with a paper insert which stops the velcro sticking together. The velcro hides the zipper which allows access into the beanbag and – when zipped / velcro’d up you would never even spot it was there.


As you can see the stitching is almost industrial strength. This is nothing, nothing like the beanbags I had when I was young The Sumo beanbag is one extremely substantial product which shows significant quality in both build and finish.

The material seems almost indestructible. It’s tough but smooth and wipe-down too – always great when you’ve had a few too many beers. The guys at Sumo call the material “ballistic nylon”. Apparently this is PVC coated nylon.


Here’s some more shots. I can’t emphasize enough how far away this is from the traditional material beanbags that end up splitting or tearing.


Flat beanbags are all well and good, however we needed some beans. Eventually we found somewhere to buy the beans to fill the bag up – a 12 cubic foot bag from ebay arrived. Postage here in the UK has gone up recently because parcels are now classed on size – not just weight. Anyhow, the bag arrived. It turned up at work so I didn’t actually take a shot of it. To be honest I was a tad busy trying to cram the box containing it into the Mini Cooper. Somehow I did it, although it was a tad funny driving home with a big bag of white balls against my face (no jokes please) 🙂

Don’t forget that if you’re in the USA the Sumo Omni will turn up pre-filled so you won’t need to do this.



Emily decided to grab the bag out of the car and fill the beanbag up. It was a complex but hilarious moment with me holding the beanbag in place while she tried to empty the big bag of balls into it. The resulting scene made our kitchen look like Santas Grotto with polystyrene balls flying everywhere. We were a little ham-fisted if we’re honest, but it got the job done.


After a bit of Dyson-action we zipped up the beanbag and velro’d it up. It’s …well…..huge. This is one massive bag. Our semi-detached house didn’t really have the space necessary for the beanbag – it takes up around the same amount of space as a regular chair so you’ll need to make sure that there’s a space ready for it or you’ve got a fairly sizeable cupboard to store it in when not in use.


To conclude, this is one mega comfy slouching paradise which is hard-wearing and durable. Don’t go to the local market and buy some cheap material beanbag, get this one. It’s by far the best thing to grace my backside in a long time and it’s probably going to be my new computer chair.

Get one

The Sumo Omni and other Omni products are available from The Sumo Omni tested costs from $129 at the time of writing.

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