Craig-a-thon 2015… again and Introducing My Weekend at SGC!

Jul 20, 2015

Ann Tancio


A while ago I made a post about the amazing and entertaining Craig Skistimas held Craig-a-thon 2015, a live 12 hour event where he played video games with his fans (including yours truly!) on several different console to help bring awareness and promote SGC 2015.

Here is the post in case you forgot!

Well they recently posted the entire 12 hour video! Here it is!

You can hear his amazing words to us at 4:52:55 and 8:06:50

Thank you so much again Craig, you are the best!

I had such an amazing time that I want to introduce “My weekend at SGC”.

I, Brad (otherwise known as Batu) would like to show you my amazing time with the amazing people at SGC!

For the next couple of days I will show you what it is like to be at this event.

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