Nov 19, 2012

Ann Tancio


Sumo Sway Chair: Long Live the Beanbag!

Sumo Sway Chair: Long Live the Beanbag!

If you’re looking to refurnish your mancave or just have a nice spot to plant your butt during a marathon Halo session, Sumo has you covered.

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You’ve spent thousands on the best X-Box/PS3 set up money can buy…  HD flat screen, 5.1 surround sound… check and check.  Your gaming cave is complete…

So where ya gonna sit?

Rather than go with a high-tech gaming chair, why not go retro?

When you hear the words beanbag chair, you’re probably imagining an amorphous blob more at home in Greg Brady’s groovy attic pad on “The Brady Bunch” than a 21st century home arcade.  But just like Mike Brady’s oldest, the beanbag chair has grown up.

Check out Sumo’s awesome Sway Single Beanbag Chair…made from microsuede ($249) or corduroy ($279), these aren’t the amorphous blobs you’re probably used to.  And unlike those bygone beanbags of yesteryear, the Sumo stays fluffy and full – so you won’t be sitting on a bean-pancake after 6 months of use like those old Styrofoam pellet chairs.

And we here at Crave wouldn’t just tell you how great these chairs are if we weren’t believers ourselves, right?  We’re not just Sumo fans, we’re all users – a pair of these chairs currently adorn and get plenty of use in the swanky chill-out area of our beautiful L.A. offices.

The Sumo comes in two sizes and eight different colors, meaning it’ll fit in in just about any domestic environment.  It also comes with free shipping and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Can’t beat that, right?

Head over to the Sumo site to check them out.

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