Aug 8, 2006

Ann Tancio


The Omni

It’s a bean bag, well not exactly. It’s a big ass pillow, but not quite. It’s a. Ok, I have no clue what it is. Well initially I didn’t know what to call it until I sat, laid and slept on one. It is quite simply a lightweight, portable and comfortable piece of furniture.

I come home to find a box big enough to fit a couple of small children and their pet dog in front of my door and it is distinctly labeled (in red) Sumo. I open the box and remove the Sumo Omni. The Omni is 5.5ft by 4.5ft and made out of ballistic (sounds dangerous, but it’s not) nylon and filled with the sexy sounding, Virgin Polystyrene. The one I received was black, but it comes in 8 colors including Tangerine, Charcoal Green and Hot Pink (for the ladies?). The Sumo weighs 18lbs, but it seems much lighter.

So I did some staring at it for a while before I took the plunge and sat on it. The Omni is big but not huge, so if you have a small pad it won’t take up all of your floor space. So I put the Omni in the middle of my living room and just laid on top of it. Historically bean bags have not been known to contour around your body, they usually just sag and sink. The Omni is different because, the virgin polystyrene that fills it contours firmly around your body. Another surprise is that I was able to sleep on it without any part of my body touching the ground. I am a couple of inches under six feet and all I had to do to completely fit on the Omni was lay on it from one corner to the opposing corner. Now getting the Omni to contour exactly to your body takes some getting used to. There is some occasional squirming involved, but once you find your fit you have entered comfort city.

About the material, it is definitely durable and naturally stain resistant. When sleeping on it however, I used a sheet but I did not need a pillow. The funny thing about the Omni is that it moves when you do and it settles fast which makes for a lot less tossing and turning. There are a ton of ways in which you can use the Omni, some apparent and some not so apparent. Should you get one, you can explore the endless possibilities of shapes and configurations on the Omni.

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