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Sep 3, 2012

Ann Tancio

Sumo Lounge Makes Bean Bags Awesome Again


Flimsy bean bag chairs are no more!  Bring on the Sumo Lounge Gear!

So many of us growing up have enjoyed the almighty bean bag chair.  You throw it down whereever you want to lounge and the fun can begin.  But, that really only applies if you’re 9-years-old and weigh 85 lbs.  If you’re a 25 year old guy like me that weighs about 165, that old bean bag chairs will last about a month before they become a pancake you can’t even prop yourself up on.

Then I was lucky enough to find Sumo Urban Lounge Gear.  I’ve had the chance to try two different styles, so I’ll hit both of them real quick.

The first style I tried was the Sway Single in Navy Blue Corduroy.

This bean bag chair is awesome.  If you’re an extremely tall person you might want to try one of the larger chairs, but aside from that, this is an exceptionally comfortable chair.  One cool feature is the pocket on the side.  You can easily fit a gaming controller or your entertainment center remotes right next to where you’re sitting.  The corduroy is really comfortable as well.  Most bean bag chairs are made of that vinal-esque fabric that is always sticky and hot.  The corduroy is a nice touch and I definitely recommend going that way.

Finally my favorite part about the Sway is that it sits upright!  You don’t have to situate the bean bag just right to be able to see your game or the movie you’re watching.  Just set it up, sit down, and enjoy.

Right now we’re using the two Sway Single chairs in the green room of our studio here at CraveOnline.  Our celebrity guests have loved them.

The second style I tried was the Omni in White Nylon.

This is a little closer to a traditional bean bag but interestingly square in shape.  One of the cool aspects of the square shape is that you can use it for one, or even for two people.  I have used it to play video games very comfortably, yet also easily fit myself and my girlfriend laying down to watch a movie.

I guess my only complaint about the chair is that the nylon fabric can get a little uncomfortable if you don’t use it in a cool location.  Maybe stay away from using it out in the hot sun if you’re worried about that aspect.  Though I will say, one of the great benefits of the Nylon surface is that it’s extremely easy to clean.  Never gets dirty, and I use the white colored chair!  This is especially beneficial to me because my girlfriends spills a lot of drinks and food… ha ha.

Head over to the Sumo Lounge Web site to check out more of their products.

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