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Feb 13, 2014

Ann Tancio

Sumo Lounge’s : Long Line of Bean Bags

As we review the Omni, the “staple” of Sumo Lounge’s long line of bean bags we notice right off the bat the quality before touching it – though we might be wrong. I have gone ahead and decided to baptize it by fire and doing a run start into a somersault landing a perfect 10 ….I wish, it’s just the Olympics talking, I just jumped on it like a little kid.

Immediately I sink into a stage of comfort I haven’t felt in bean bags in a long time, reminiscent of the good ol’ days when I was in middle school. I think at this point, ok, it’s comfy but can I do work on it? Can I play video games? Can I read without drooping too low and having my body persuade me to take a nap? So we took it to the test, or should I say I, though there was a lot of arm twisting to be done for me to do it.

Bean Bags by SumoLounge

Sumo boasts the Omni as the…well…the Omni! Apparently it can mold into different shapes depending on your preferences and activities. Being that I am a big gamer I go ahead “mold” it if you would, into a this tear drop shape where I shit that base so I would see if it would provide back support along with giving my bum comfort a combination which has yet to be felt. The result after 45 minutes of playing was amazing, I could play more and still not have any ache and also I have to write this review.

Next, my lady is a big reader and big part of convincing her (though I do not need to convince her, I do what I want) to buy one of these would be the use of it other than watching my favorite team on TV and video games, so I ushered on the “reading position”. I leave her to it and show her the many glamorous and comfortable positions for reading; I go to the closes 7-11 to grab a six pack and maybe one of those delicious taco things that have jalapeño stuffing in them. On the way back right before I enter my house I hear a sound of dragging and weird noises, immediately I think she threw it out or did something horrible…so I open the door and to my surprise the Omni isn’t there neither is my lady, she had taken it to our room and said “you have finally made a good choice in furniture, though you could of chosen a different color”. Good enough for me! Success! I dragged it back out and sat on it for it while whilst reading a magazine, throwing back a cold one and after an hour and half I was still content, I had rearranged the chair in about 4 different positions each one providing support for the tired part or the left out part in the prior position and it was awesome.

All I have to say without elaborating too much, this chair is what you expect, it’s durable, looks good, men and women like it…not to mention kids, and it’s a transformer! What more do you want?

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