Aug 31, 2009

Ann Tancio

SumoLounge: No Nonsense Mega Comfy Super Bean Bags that do exactly what is say’s on the tin.

Ranging from the smallest to the largest or “omni” (18lbs) to “Gigantor” (that way around 50kilos), Sumolounge are the first people to come up with bean bags that you can actually use as furniture.

Huge floppy bean bags bring a smile to everyone’s faces. The world needs more of this sort of thing. But sumolounge have somehow managed to take this to another level. These are serious bean bags, but in a good way. Much in the same way that you can have some of your son’s ice-cream at the beach but he can’t have any of your beer “because this is daddy’s special lemonade”. The price is to high to make them a fun memento in the corner of your room. Every office in the country that enjoys a relaxed laddish atmosphere should have one. Having been sent some as promo’s nothing has made us smile more and it’s gonna take something quite original to beat it. Not a day goes by when we don’t take a quick five minutes to bury each other or jump of a table and pretend were wrestlers of the top ropes, you could centre an entire repertoire of office Olympics around them, especially the Gigantor size. offers a wide range of relaxing beanbags that are as durable as they are versatile in appealing to all ages. As well as moderately priced for something that on-one else in the world offers. Sumolounge bean bags come with a guarantee that they will never go flat, have covers that are machine washable and come in a variety of loud or subtle colours.

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