Mar 3, 2009

Ann Tancio


On of my favorite parts about Digital Overload setup on Friday is when the SUMO beanbags arrive. A truckload full of beanbag chairs which we can then amass into a huge pile and fling ourselves at, like a Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit for grown-ups.

But aside from that, I just love that we have these at the event. As a gaming event we couldn’t ask for a more perfect seating solution for lazing about all weekend playing games. And if you’re attending Digital Overload, who knows, maybe you’ll even end up taking one home!

If not, you can always get one afterward. My personal favorite is still the Sumo Sac Gigantor. It’s one best feature (size and comfort) is also it’s one minor drawback. It’s huge. Mine has not moved more than a couple of feet in any given direction since we set it up. It’s not really something you drag from room to room.

In my dream house (which my girlfriend will never approve), we’ve done away will all of the beds and sofas, and replaced them with wall-to-wall Sumo Sacs. And the robot butler feeds us expensive pastries from titanium diamond-encrusted hover-plates.

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