Jun 12, 2019

Ann Tancio


I’ve also gotten a Sumo Omni beanbag chair, which I’ve been using for the last week or so. I’ve always liked beanbags, but it’s tough to find a good one. Most of them are too small, or too loose. I’ve found that the Omni features neither of those problems.

First of all, this sucker is HUGE. It’s a large item, so you have a lot of material to work with. When it first comes out of the box it’s got a pretty strong chemical smell, but that doesn’t last very long.

It’s made out of a canvas-like material, so it seems very durable and obviously resistant to stain. What I like best about it is the filling. It’s empty enough that you can manipulate it, but sturdy enough that it holds the shapes you mold it to. So you can spend a few days carving out your ideal sitting position, molding this thing to your butt, and it will stay that way (until you shake it out). And it’s large enough that you can come up with a lot of different positions.

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