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Dec 4, 2012

Ann Tancio

Sumolounge Bean Bag Chairs Now Offer Fur Covers!

The folks at Sumolounge, the best bean bag chair retailer EVAH, are at it again!

They have now come out with a new material for their bean bags, ULTIMATE-FUR!!! Yes, fur! Whether you already own one of their super fab chairs, or are on the look out to purchase one, GO TO THEM!

This new material is amazing! So soft and comfy you won’t want want to get up!

Regardless of which big bean bag chair you choose, you will be getting a killer bean bag at a great price. Our prices are lower than shopping on other websites and much lower than shopping at retail stores with huge markups. Plus, you get free shipping on our bean bags. Become the ruler of your roost with a Sumo Sultan bean bag chair!

We have the Sumo Sultan downstairs in our “Fam-Cave” (which is almost finished) and received the Ultimate-Fur cover in Fiery red to check out and if I could I would sleep on it every night! The bean bag chair itself is large enough for all 3 of my kids to sit on comfortably and now that it has a fur cover, they never want to get up!   Watching movies, playing video games and just hanging out listening to music just got a whole lot more comfortable!

It was so easy to swap covers, too!  You just unzip, pull the other one off, put the new one on and zip back up! Ta da!

As always they offer free shipping on all their products so what are you waiting for?? And just in time for the Holidays!

**Bean Bag cover sent to us by Sumolounge, however the above opinions are my own**


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