Damn Interesting

Jan 15, 2009

Ann Tancio


It arrived exactly as I had expected. In a GIANT box. Complete with tie-straps to make sure it didn’t burst open during shipping, as such a large chair under vacuum-pack has quite the amount of potential energy.

I lugged it down the stairs to my lair- which is where the magic happens for me. Being a writer, more specifically a writer for, I am all about typing in comfort. The anticipation of receiving my new SumoSac Sultan was almost too much to bear. I have tried everything- from regular computer chairs, to expensive lumbar-supporting superchairs. And I am now glad to say that none of them compare to what the Sultan has to offer.

Enough of getting ahead of myself.

After getting the box downstairs, I opened it up, and all the potential energy of a vacuum packed giant chair was converted into kinetic energy, exploding outward in a brilliant display of comfort and quality. You can SEE the difference between the SumoSac and normal beanbag chairs when you open the box. It’s not those annoying little beads inside your chair, it’s high-quality foam cubes. This is a much better alternative, as it is not prone to go flat.

Put the stylish micro-suede cover over the chair, and you’re left with a very chic piece of contemporary furniture. My little brother, a college student, was instantly hounding me to let him take my SumoSac to his dorm. My dogs looked longingly at me perched atop my newfound throne, as if they could sense the level of comfort I was enjoying.

And comfort it is.

Now, the SumoSac Sultan isn’t your average wimpy beanbag chair. This baby looks like a semi truck compared to a Geo Metro. It is not something you need to use as a footrest in your recliner: it IS your recliner. As I figured out how to climb atop its massive bulk of comfyness (enough so that I need to create new adjectives to describe the SumoSac experience), I realized I was in for a treat. Not only is it large enough to double as a spare bed when your in-laws come over, but it’s the most relaxing piece of furniture you will ever grace yourself with. You literally SINK into the foam, while it conforms to your body, providing support for even the most intense activities.

As a writer, I tend to spend large amounts of time sitting with my computer typing away, and from the very minute I settled into my SumoSac Sultan, I could feel the difference it provided in helping promote a stress-free writing environment. I hate getting sore or having to get up and stretch while working on a piece, and I have yet to come even close to that point in the Sultan. In fact, I’m writing this write now while enjoying my SumoSac.

I love it so much in fact, that I haven’t really moved for the past 4 hours. I may even sleep on it tonight. Kudos to the SumoSac team for creating such a unique, and amazing, product. I can foresee the SumoSac Sultan being compatible with every lifestyle- perfect for a college dorm, a replacement for a lumpy couch in your apartment, even a new crochet chair for grandma. You were really on the ball with this one!

From the perspective of a humble writer, the SumoSac Sultan is a sure thing, and one purchase you WON’T regret.

-Dan Gillis


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