Dark Roasted Blend

Mar 13, 2009

Ann Tancio


Andrew from Sumo Lounge sent us a sample of his “SUMOSAC Gamer” bean chair, deep red color, the coolest thing in my office right now. It weighs about 30lbs, comes vacuum-packed, and then unfolds in about 12 hours into a… “bean”, which will morph and support your body in all sorts of positions. It also invites you to jump right into it, with utter abandon. As for long-term comfort, I found it very good place for reading and playing games on a laptop. As this is radically different from normal furniture, but a step above in comfort and good value, we are thinking of replacing the old stuff with these “alien beans” to throw ourselves around.


Don’t forget to check out other groovy options – Sumo Omni, Sumo Sac and Chief Rocker! They all different by size, by it’s impossible not to love them, or not to long for more of them.

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