David Naylor

Oct 31, 2009

Ann Tancio


Beanbag or Bean Bag?

A Beanbag or a Bean Bag. Well, that’s the debate that has been circling the office like wildfire in a dry timber shack this afternoon.

DaveN has been sent a beanbag chair from Sumo lounge. He calls it a “His Bean Chair” which he is very defensive over, in-fact so defensive I received the V salute when in a meter proximity.


He’s often caught brainstorming SEO issues whilst immersed in the red plumpy sack. Dan McSkelly the latest SEO team recruit has taken up deep mediation (Some call it Kundalini) on this polystyrene haven.


Rory seems somewhat lost in the expanse of the love chair.


Space age and rip proof nylon, well Dan Horton couldn’t resist this super size pillow, to him it’s a love sack of stain proof resistance.



To promote this urban lounge gear we need a model of real calibre, much like those on the website Someone who is willing to drape themselves appropriately in the DaveN office. Any offers ? Dan Horton SEO

Added by Dave : We only review things we have in the office and you can’t pay me to review something I haven’t seen, played with or used, and not all make it to the website like that God awful orange drink . yuck, or a few books that where crap :), If i review a product it’s because I generally like the the product

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