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Jul 2, 2011

Ann Tancio

Stuff I Like: The Sumo Titan – Cool & Relaxing

From time to time, I mention stuff I like on this site. I’ve reviewed more than one cool, modern bean bag chair/couch from the Sumo Lounge–maker of high-styled bean bags, and I love them all. I think this new one, the Sumo Titan, is my favorite, in addition to the Sumo Sultan and Gigantor (read my review) bean bags. I am not getting paid for this honest review, but I did get a free Titan to try it out over the last couple of months. And I love it. It’s chic and comfy and a great addition to a mancave, a kid’s room, a family room, or a college dorm.




The Sumo Titan is a rectangular shaped bean bag that is filled with shredded furniture grade urethane foam and polyester fiber, which never decompresses or loses its shape (it’s only compressed for shipping and regains its actual size within 24 hours). The bean bag never goes flat, and I’ve put it through the road test to make sure, as I have with other Sumo Lounge products. I slept on it, read on it, relaxed and watched TV, typed on a laptop, and watched DVDs. As I’ve noted in previous reviews, readers who’ve bought Sumo chairs on my recommendation say they and/or their wives love them. And for good reason. They are not just relaxing and comfortable, but also cool-looking and kitchy. They come with an easily washable microsuede or corduroy cover that removes easily with the use of its zipper. It comes in several colors.

The Sumo Titan is big, very big. And that is both its advantage and its disadvantage, depending upon how much space you have. It measures 70″ x 49″ x 36″. It is extra long so that you can sleep on it, as you would on a couch or bed. As I noted, I tried that, and it was a nice sleep, as the bean bag molds and adjusts to your body. On the other hand, if this is for a dorm room or small space, it might present problems. But you have the measurements here, and they aren’t overly gargantuan. It’s best to open the box inside, too. When I opened mine outside my apartment door, it immediately began expanding and was hard to fit through my door. Once I got it inside and put on the black microsuede cover I’d chosen, it was a terrific addition.

The price might seem steep at $379-$399 (shipping is free and you can return it and get a full refund if you don’t like it), but I assure you, I’ve seen bean bag chairs, beds, and sofas like this (though not nearly as nice) going for twice the price. This is top of the line stuff, not the kind you’d find at Wal-Mart. It will last forever, is easy to clean, and just so comfortable you’ll thank me. Since it’s bigger and higher off the ground than other Sumo products I’ve reviewed, it isn’t as hard on the backs of people, when you want to get up. It weighs enough to make it sturdy, but can also be moved without much difficulty.

The chair was designed by talented entrepreneur and designer Andrew Milligan, who owns the company. He’s a great American small business owner and smart marketer who is constantly coming up with cool new designs and items.

I recommend the Sumo Titan. It’s my kinda bean bag chair. Thanks, Andrew, for making such great stuff.

Watch this great video review, below, with which I concur, by Fr. Robert of gadget at The Tech Stop. Keep in mind that he’s a very big guy, which isn’t indicated by the video. The smaller guy in the video is probably an accurate average person and gives a better indicator of the size of this item. I’m tiny (about 5′ 1″), and I found this to have ample room in length and width, more than big enough to sleep on overnight. I love it.

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