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Sep 17, 2019

Ann Tancio

Enormous poufs

Sumo is an American company dedicated to the manufacture of poufs of all types and sizes. There are squaring larger or smaller, rectangular, but all have comfort as the main feature.


The poufs , those soft seats that do not have legs or back, are increasingly fashionable. It is an attractive and modern way to decorate the rooms while being very comfortable most of them. On this occasion, we present a very curious American brand Sumo .

Although equipped with a wide range of poufs, it has come to our attention a couple of models for its huge dimensions: Sumo Sumo Sultan and Giganator . The first one measures 54 x 54 x 42 and costs $ 249 (about 196 euros). The second is even bigger, as has measures 86 x 60 x 40 . Of course, it costs $ 399 (about 314 euros). Both are available in different colors.


You can buy them through the official website of the company: There you can also view other models that may fit better with what you are looking for.

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