Oct 26, 2007

Ann Tancio


Its called the Sumo Lounge and it looks like a big pillow. A pillow that King Kong would use to rest his big old head on. But for us humans, it acts more like a piece of furniture that we can lounge on, hence the name. And what a piece of furniture it is, I have not been the same since I have gotten this. And no, there is no bias in my writing about it and also getting it for free. As you will see, I will be quite harsh about some other products which I’ve recently received “on the house.”

The Sumo Lounge is unique as I’ve never seen anything like it before, its quite durable because I dropped some soda on it and just wiped it right off. The material is made of some water-proof type fabric and the filling, now that is a mystery in itself. I think I’ll have to order another one of these to cut it open and see what they have it filled with. It feels like a bunch of tough styrofoam or something, and it relaxes the body like nothing else because it contours to your entire figure.

This thing is great for watching TV, taking a nap, or just hanging out with friends – you’ll just have to check it out for yourself to really appreciate the experience. Ever since I’ve had it, all my friends can’t stay off it.

Anyway, for more info on the Sumo Lounge, visit their website at Just don’t get too lazy!

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