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Feb 5, 2014

Ann Tancio


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Sumo Lounge, The Epic Company that Brought You the Omni

Sumo Lounge, the epic company that brought you the Omni Beanbag is celebrating their 10th year in business. They have some fantastic sales including 25% off products over $199! The bean bag chairs are made from the highest grade materials and the attention to detail is impeccable. Sumo also offers free shipping on all orders as well as excellent customer support. Really a world class company!

Sumolounge’s product range includes something for everyone – they have the Omni which can be used in 10 different positions and comes in 10 great colors. Then next up the Gamer bean bag chair which comes in 3 different fabrics and 11 colors, this one is filled with a foam hybrid and lasts for years and years. After the Gamer you should check out one of the most popular products, the Sumo Sultan, this really is a work of art. It’s like an oversized Gamer but can fit 2 people comfortably and wraps effortlessly round your body for maximum comfort.

If you are into more designer features we’d recommend checking out the Solace or Sway 2.0 beanbags – they both have a bit more support and you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Over the next year Sumo plan to launch a new innovative product line which has been in development by their industrial designers and top staff throughout 2013 and the beginning of 2014. A preview of these is set to be released in March 2014 with an international launch. We caught up with our friend Richard Brownlee to find out more – ‘We are all so excited about the new products and this will be a milestone in taking the Sumo Brand and Partners to the next level’ Says Brownlee. ‘Our designers have worked hard on the new concepts and have exceeded all expectations’.

After 10 years of solid growth they are now offering partnership opportunities in countries they do not currently do business in. This will bring their product line to many new customers and increase brand awareness internationally – let’s face it, these products should be available to everyone! If you haven’t already sat on Sumo’s take on the traditional beanbag we highly recommend it!

We took a look through Sumo’s history and achievements and were impressed to find over 1800 online reviews and 130 magazine features! We also checked out the Sumo Lounge YouTube channel and found some great videos which are definitely worth a watch!

Conclusion, after experiencing the products and looking closely at Sumo Lounge we definitely recommend them if you’re in the market for a beanbag!

Keep an eye on their Blog and Social Media Channels for updates on discounts, competitions and announcements.

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