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May 12, 2009

Ann Tancio


Sumo beanbag “Omni” review

So what weighs 8kg and is 1.4m by 1m wide?

I don’t know. You tell me and mould it! =)

Styrofoam balls? Check.


Ballistic nylon outer enclosure? An initially iffy comfort concept..check.

Nice contrasting Sumo logo? Check.


The fact that it’s a giant beanbag? Check.


Olive green colour that actually clashed with the decor which is why it’s not there and I’ve photoshopped out those parts? Well, that was a cross on my part. The beanbag was a darker shade than expected but so you would figure since the hex colours of the web will never match the vivid darkness that is reality. =P

Or rather, I thought it’d be less easy to get dirty but I didn’t want to get the black black because might be ink black and well, this is coming from a girl who’ll look through several places for something that seemed actually black, only for it to turn out to be a dark shade of brown in the sun because the colour of true black was lost far far in the past and this sort of fabric just doesn’t absorb that well. *claps*

Of course, this contrasts swimmingly with the red logo so its still cool!

You would think something like this would be tough but even though it was initially really cold to sit on, it was actually very soft [due to the styrofoam!], and the good kind of tough – i.e. of the easy to clean nylon variety rather than the less favourable, uncomfortable sort.

Activities? Well, it’s replaced my couch as the favourite place to be on my laptop!

So overall, it’s awesome and you can find them online at the Sumo Lounge that they’re available in Australia. =)

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