Ding Bat Magazine

Aug 1, 2005

Ann Tancio


Sumo Combo. Hey. cat naps are IN again. Lounging, lazing, riding the shut-eye waves… here’s your quick ticket to daydreams. And isn’t that what summer’s all about? Sure it is, if you can wrestle yourself away from your day job and hit a Sumo Beanbag. It’s a guaranteed soft landing, stylish enough for any room in the home or office. Great for the dorm, den, or Winnebago. The Sumo Combo gets the nod because it includes the Omni (a super-sized pillow) and matching otto and is perfect for full, stretch-out summer slumber. Or cozy curl-ups on the porch. Forget the hammock and the hard-edged couch, sink into the comfort-zone and catch some Zzzz’s on the beans. Made from space age rip-proof nylon and filled with Sumo beans. Great for hangovers, cuddles, cool respites from the push & shove world. Just collapse in the arms of a Sumo Beanbag and take a load off. Light enough (the Omni is only 18 lbs) to take from room to room-crash ‘n carry!

SUMO Combo = style + comfort + cool.

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