Ditch the Dorm and Thrive In Your First Apartment

Jul 30, 2018

Brad Ellis

You did it! You are done with only eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are done waking up at 1 in the afternoon and feeling like you fell off a building. You are done with studying and tests and class and homework! You are done with college — congratulations!

Now what?

Now that you’re moving into your very first adult apartment, you want to make sure it doesn’t look exactly like your last dorm room. A John Belushi poster is great for a dorm room but probably shouldn’t be in a nice apartment. Similarly, there are all kinds of mistakes that people make during the first year or so of living on their own. Hopefully these tips will help you keep your new apartment looking like a nice apartment and not liking like a creepy replica of a dorm room.

    • Clean up after yourself… every time — Sounds obvious, but a lot of people don’t really start cleaning up after themselves until their second or third living situation. You cleaned up in college, sure. But it was probably exclusively Sunday afternoons after a week of partying and garbage lying around all over the place. In your new place, you need to clean up after every meal and everything you open.


    • Get some real furniture — A single futon and a mattress on the ground is great for your dorm room but not for an apartment. You’re going to actually want some real furniture items. So make sure you get a kitchen table, some nice chairs, a comfy couch, and a real bed. You don’t have to only get boring furniture, though. You can get some cool bean bag chairs to keep your apartment looking fresh. The specialized interior design industry is projected to increase at a higher rate of about 20% over the next decade. Consider a corduroy bean bag chair, for example. There are stylish corduroy bean bag chairs out there that are not only comfortable to sit on but will impress all your guests.


  • Stick to a minimalistic approach — Minimalism has been growing in popularity over the years and it’s a great way to decorate your first apartment. You can get into decorating trouble if you try to place too many items inside your apartment. In order to keep your first apartment looking clean and organized, stick to a minimalistic approach.

Don’t live in your first apartment like you did in your last college dorm room. It’s time to grow up (at least somewhat) and start appreciating your newfound responsibilities and style. If you want to learn more about some creative furniture options or find some high quality corduroy bean bag chairs, give Sumo Lounge a call today.

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