Driver Heaven

Jun 19, 2009

Ann Tancio

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Are you a lazy gamer? Do you like lounging around in your boxers while you frag your buddies online? Then Sumo, the suppliers of “Urban Lounge Gear” might have something for you to rest your oversized posterior on.

I recently received a few of their Omni Chairs which are basically a giant luxury designed bean bag chair. I can only assume that the term “Sumo” is a comparison with the sweaty, overweight Japanese wrestlers who parade around in their jockstraps.

The Sumo Omni is a durable PVC coated nylon cover filled with polystyrene foam balls and you can adjust it to the shape of your desires. Whether you want a giant cushion, a miniature couch or a chair the Sumo Omni can be sculpted into shape by your hands or body. They come in a variety of colours and we received the blue and black versions.

So are they practical? Well let me make it clear… they are ginormous and will take up a good portion of your living/gaming room which means they might be useless for a kid with limited space in his bedroom. Apart from getting a little warm after a long time sitting in one of them, they remain fully usable as a long term chair. In fact the comfort levels may actually seduce your body into a semi conscious state of relaxation.

Unlike many bean bags, the Omni’s main strength is versatility because the pillow like shape can be reformed into almost anything you desire. It is possible to even deform the Sumo to allow for arm rests on either side of the arms, which will be perfect for gaming sessions with the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Heck even my dog found it comfortable for a spot of relaxation after her dinner.

The polystyrene foam insides conform to your particular body shape but they never deform to a point where you would sink into the chair itself. It is possible that two average people with suitably normal sized bottoms would be able to fit into the Sumo Omni so there are plenty of ‘cuddling’ opportunities for that someone special. If your girlfriend happens to be Jennifer Lopez however then an additional purchase might be required…

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