Dueling Analogs

Nov 8, 2010

Ann Tancio


Sumo Sway Couple


Over the years, I’ve gotten a few chances to try out some of the “bean bag” chairs offered by Sumo. While I’ve enjoyed all of the previous chairs I’ve demoed, the Sway Couple is hands down my family’s favorite of the lot.

For my two daughters, they no longer have reason to fight over the chair (but they still do) as it comfortably sits both of them at the same time. Unfortunately for them if the wife wants to sit down and watch some TV, the sway couple is her relaxation destination of choice. True, there is still enough room for my wife and my two girls to sit on the chair at the same time, but as I said she wants to relax. So good luck with that. And me, well… What little time in the day that I get to sit in the chair that isn’t monopolized by the females of the family I find quite enjoyable.

The other Sumo chairs I’ve tried have always been treated as gaming or kids chairs. But the Sumo Sway Couple is the first one to become a permanent fixture of the living room. That is honestly saying a lot.

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