Emilo Chavez

Jun 28, 2008

Ann Tancio

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your product and service. I spent several hours a day looking for the “perfect” lounge chair to place between the foot of my bed and my television, but I was only going in circles. I have about 5 feet between the tv stand and the foot of my bed so I had to very picky. Although some of the chairs I found were small, they still required a seperate ottoman or a permanent recliner which made for a tight fit in my room. Plus, they do not lend themselves very well for portability or storage.

I even looked into different types of gaming chairs and that too was a bust. I don’t care for all the bells and whistles that they provide. Plus, they are made of some rather poor quality materials and anything with built-in electronics is bound to go wrong. I bought the Renegade game chair and test drove it for 10 minutes before it went back into the box. Like I said, I don’t care for the speakers, lights, and “rumble” feature that these chairs offer. Needless to say, I was nearly convinced that the perfect chair just didn’t exist…

Then, I stumbled across your website one late night. I’ve always been a fan of bean bags, but this went beyond your ordinary bean bag. I read tons of blog entries and reviews and was convinced that it would be worth a try. I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am that I did! I am amazed at how something so simple can be so rewarding. I’ve only had it for a few days, but it has already become my second favorite piece of furniture in my home. It’s only competition is my bed, but it comes close! I don’t have to worry about damage to expensive leather or fabrics and I can move it into any room in my home with ease. I will be hosting many people in my home for sporting events and I know this will be a big hit with the kids and their parents. It’s perfect for gaming, movies, reading, laptop, or just relaxing with some tunes. I also purchased the Otto and it too is a perfect fit. I hope to bring you some new customers and eventual Sumo fans in the near future. Meanwhile, I will be looking to fit a second set somewhere in my home. I don’t mind moving the one from my room, but why have just one when you can have two! I know some people may balk at the price, but it is WELL WORTH every penny, and then some! The only warning I would give to prospective buyers is that once they sit in the Omni and throw their feet on the Otto, they might not want to get back on their feet!

I’m certain you’ve heard it all before, but I thought you should hear it from me too. I’m a new proud owner of an Omni and Otto! Thank you once again and I hope you have a nice day.

Take care,
Emilio Chavez

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