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Mar 4, 2009

Ann Tancio


The Sumolounge Omni Chair

When Andrew Milligan emailed me and told me that his company Sumolounge were entering Australia and whether I would, as a high profile Australian blogger, like to try out one of his beanbags, I was initially torn about what to do.

I wanted the beanbag. My house, still being quite new, is sparse for furniture and having recently won a 40in Sony Bravia LCD TV in an affiliate competition I needed (err, desired) something to sit on to watch it. I was also very curious to know what made the sumolounge beanbags different from your everyday run-of-the-mill beanbag, which I had grown up with and known as grungy and smelly bags, often spewing forth little white foam balls.

The problem, as I saw it, was how to justify taking a free beanbag given I would have to find a way to tie it into the topic of my blog so I could repay the favor of the freebie with some exposure for Andrew and his company.

In the end the justification was easy (in my mind at least). I study a lot of information products, including DVDs about Internet marketing and personal development and it’s important you have a good seat to sit on while you absorb this information. So yes, that’s the connection between the Sumolounge Omni beanbag I’ve been sitting on for a few months and why I am now talking about it in a blog post.

Seriously though, the Omni beanbag surprised me. If you’ve never experienced one of these things in real life, then you won’t understand the difference.

The Omni Sumolounge Beanbag is, as stated on the website, “Urban Lounge Gear”. Clever marketing yes, but it’s also relevant because the beanbag is made of much sturdier stuff than your oldschool beanbag.

When I first sat on my Omni chair my initial reaction wasn’t good. It didn’t feel the same as beanbags I had known as a child. It was scratchy and plastic.

Now that I’ve used the Omni for a while, I’m pleased with it. It’s comfortable enough to fall asleep in, molds to any shape you like and can be used as a sit upright chair or a lay down bed. Because it’s made of, and again I quote the website – “space age rip-proof nylon” – it feels like it will last a long time, you can spill food on it without worrying about it getting smelly and it’s not going to burst all the little white balls over your floor.

If you need a beanbag or some unusual furniture to make your place more funky, check out the Sumolounge range.

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