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Aug 13, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni Plus

The boys over at SumoLounge are on a roll with their new products, and by George I think they have something here. Getting away from traditional “bean bags” Sumo has gone to a commercial grade furniture stuffing that never goes flat and makes shipping easier for all of it’s products. The first products to use this was their new SumoSac, and now Sumo has revisited it’s insanely popular Omni for a makeover. What we get is an incredibly comfortable piece of alternative furniture that’s perfect for gaming or lounging around.


While the SumoSac was damn comfortable, it had one downfall – the size. As long as it was stationary and you had room it’s the ultimate lay out and chill chair, but if you ever wanted to move it, it could be a real issue. The Omni Plus on the other hand is a more mobile and more versatile chair. The idea is that you can sit in the chair in numerous positions and ways. The one thing that was added to the chair was a set of straps and clips to allow you to create a reinforced back – or any other position you can think of. A welcome change for some will be the addition of a microfiber cover instead of the tough nylon of the previous omni. And while it may not be as durable or rip resistant as the previous Omni, it’s a ton more comfortable. The OmniPlus should be plenty big enough for most sizes, as you can see from the picture it comfortably fits a 6’1″ beefy man like myself. I had no trouble relaxing and chilling in it while getting my game on, and it worked well for extended sessions of TV.


Left to Right: SumoSac, Sumo OmniPlus, Sumo Omni

So is the Sumo OmniPlus for you? If you are considering an Omni I definitley think the improvements warrant a closer look. The price difference is only $50, and you get a chair that’s actually slightly bigger than the previous Omni and quite a bit softer.

The Good

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Looks really nice

The Bad

  • Might be too expensive for some people.

The Ugly

  • Fighting over it when friends come over.


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