Evil Avatar Sumo Omni Bean Bag Chair Review

Aug 4, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Omni

Sumo. When you hear the word you immediately think of two large Japanese wrestlers competing in their underwear. There’s another kind of Sumo though, one that’s also equally as big and round.and the underwear is optional! The Sumo Omni is a chair. Not just any chair. It’s an incredibly large bean bag chair with multiple uses and positions.

The Sumo Omni is 4 feet by 5 feet and weighs 18 lbs. The chair is stuffed full of specially designed Sumo Beads. The nice thing is, the chair stuffed but it’s not over stuffed. The designers left enough breathing room in the Omni that you can mold and shape it into numerous seating positions. You can see from this image that the positions resemble everything from using the Sumo Omni as a chair to using it like a bed!

The Omni is covered with a heavy duty nylon material that won’t rip or tear. As a previous owner of numerous bean bag chairs, the #1 problem with them is always a rip. Once a bean bag rips the little foamy things start to poor out and it becomes useless. Such is not the case with the Sumo Omni, this sucker is resilient! The chair even withstood our new puppy’s digging ability with not so much as a scratch on the fabric.

At $149.99 the Sumo Omni is a bit expensive. If you are looking for a quick and dirty bean bag chair fix, this chair is not for you. However due to the quality of the material and a 2 years manufacturer’s warranty I think the Sumo Omni is well worth the extra bucks.


After a week or so of use I really love the Sumo Omni. I prefer the traditional bean bag approach to sitting in it, though I really like to use it chair style as well. The bag itself is plenty big enough for a big guy like me (6 feet tall with plenty of meat). The chair can easily be carried from room to room for regular use around the house. Overall I found this to be an excellent chair to use while gaming.

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