Jul 22, 2011

Ann Tancio

Review: Sumo Titan Bean Bag




There’s nothing quite like lying around playing your favorite games on a comfortable seat. Whether it be in the form of the best sofa in the house, a reclining chair or some other type of furniture, comfort is key when picking up that controller and firing up the console of choice.

But what happens when your furniture lacks any comfort, when there isn’t sufficient room for a sofa, or even worse, when there’s nothing to even sit on?

Luckily, Sumo steps in to fill any and all voids with its large line of bean bags, including the all new Sumo Titan.

Measuring 70″ x 49″ x 36″, the Titan boasts plenty of room for up to two adults (or a trio of kids), and gives users plenty of reasons to give this full on lounging bean bag a go.

The Titan comes in both Microsuede and Cordruroy in various colors with removable and washable covers. The Titan we reviewed came in red, and very soft Microsuede which was fairly simple to put together. The cover is just stretchable enough to get onto the bag itself, which is quite large and required that we flatten it a little bit to zip up the cover.

Having laid it down in our game room to put to use, we rested our bottoms for a couple of hours while playing some games and immediately felt the Titan envelop us, remaining firm and giving us plenty of room to put down our controllers, plate of food and other items. Due to the length of the bag, it was inviting to simply lie down sideways while watching TV and was so relaxing that it was easy to fall asleep. In fact, for the sake of this review, we ended up taking a lengthy nap and at one point even slept on it overnight (with a pillow) and found it to be a pretty solid alternative to pulling out a small mattress. We wouldn’t necessarily say to use it as a replacement for a mattress, but those who will likely take shorts rests or naps after gaming sessions will probably feel pretty comfortable. It’s even comfortable enough for two people to lie down side by side.

What was encouraging is that whether it was used for short periods of time, or even a couple of hours, the Titan remained fluffy and expanded itself back to its original size after usage. A word of advice however; at one point we became so comfortable simply jumping on it that we forgot there was a TV remote on one end of the bag; upon jumping on the bag, the sides expanded, launching the remote in the air. So while the bag screams “jump on me”, be sure there isn’t anything on top of it that could leap out.

Overall, the Sumo Titan is by far the most comfortable bean bag we’ve used to date and a $199 (Microsuede) pricetag, or $219 for the Corduroy, it’s a bag that’s well worth the asking price.

Interested buyers can pick one up, along with other bean bag options via and get free shipping to boot.

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