Jun 6, 2008

Ann Tancio



A while back I wrote about my Sumo Omni Chair. Unfortunately for me, that chair has since been stolen by my daughter. She jumps, plays, and sleeps in the chair all the time. Because that chair had more or less been stolen from me a while back I was very happy when I recently got my hands on my new SumoSac.

I was immediately taken back by how massive the chair is after it expands. The chair comes in a semi-large duffel, and is compressed for shipping purposes. After a day of airing out and fluffing the foam the chair expands to a hefty 55lbs. Along with being a great deal larger than my original Omni chair the SumoSac is more comfortable because of its’ ability to pretty much swallow an adult. You sink right into the chair and do not want to get up. I also really like the softness of the micro suede cover. The chairs start at only $179 for the 4ft chair and go up to $229 for the 6ft size, so if you are in the market for a super comfortable chair they are definitely worth a look.

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