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Nov 13, 2006

Ann Tancio


Initial thoughts

When I first received the SUMO Lounge Chair in the mail, my first reaction was “damn, this thing is huge!” — which I guess judging by the SUMO name I should have assumed. I owned one of your typical run of the mill bean bag chairs way back in the day, and it was about a quarter of the size of the SUMO chair.

The grey colored chair had a very professional nylon covering that looked like it would be very easy to clean if needed (more on that later). I also noticed the material used for the inside of the chair seemed much more “conforming” to my comfort than your standard wal-mart bean bag chair.

Rather than doing your standard run of the mill review, I decided to test out the chair in the type situations that I’d use it most in — game watching, sleeping, video game playing and lately what seems most important — as a bed for the dog.


The key to being a good game watching chair is combination of comfort and maneuverability. The reason the Lazy-Boy Recliner has historically done so well is it requires very little changing of position to go from watching the game to downing one of your favorite brewskis to dipping a chip in some queso. I’ve had beanbag chairs before that while you sunk deep enough into it to be comfortable watching the game, if you tried to take a drink from a soda can or bring a chip covered in salsa to your mouth, chances are it would get all over you. Because of the ability for the SUMO chair to conform to your position, you are able to have a position of comfort while at the same time be upright enough not to spill your food or beverage of choice. Thumbs up in that regard.


Generally a post-game watching activity, I wondered how easy it would be to shift from a game watching position to the comfort of a nap that would trump me taking a few extra steps to the couch. Because of its lightweight material, a few shifts of my body and the SUMO chair was elongated enough to serve as a nice little spot to catch some post game Z’s… At first I tried the Lounge Chair with a pillow from the couch, but I quickly found that the actual material of the SUMO chair was able to form a much more comfortable pillow on its own — definitely a plus.


While this may seem to go along with game watching, the angles the chair must conform to are a bit different. As opposed to a relaxed, minimal movement position, video game playing requires that you be somewhat upright with your arms free to make precision movements on the controller. A quick karate-chop to the middle of the SUMO chair turned it in to an upright chair that was perfect for many a night of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


While this may seem like a trivial part of the review, any dog owner, especially an owner of a dog that sheds like mine does, will tell you how important it is that furniture is easily cleaned. I can’t say the dog is very picky about where he sleeps, but after he had finished his nap and the chair was covered with slobber and dog hair, it took only a few wipes with a paper towel and the SUMO chair was back to looking brand new – that’s more than I can say for my couch.


In conclusion, for the price I think the SUMO Lounge Chair is a great investment for anyone living in a dorm or aparment, or someone that needs some versatile options for their living or game room at home. Because of the SUMO chair’s lightweight and durability, its easy to throw it in a closet for storage and pull it out when its needed — making it an excellent addition to any home.

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