Family Corner

Sep 27, 2013

Ann Tancio

You’ve probably seen those great big bean bag chairs in shopping malls, perfect for flopping around the family room, playing video games, sleepovers or even reading your favorite book.

Well the Sumo Sac out does those giant bean bags I’ve seen at the malls. They offer several sizes and shapes, some of them even offering several positions for you to get comfy in, just change the way your Sumo Sac sits on the floor.

Filled with polyurethane and covered in comfy microsuede, the Sumo Sac is super comfy! We have ours in the family room. We have a guest staying with us using our teenage son’s room, so DS has been sleeping on the Sumo Sac and has no complaints. In the morning, we fold the Sumo Sac in half and connect the straps and voila! We have a comfy chair. We chose a Khaki color which blends beautifully with our family room decor, but they offer a variety of other colors as well.

The kids have enjoyed flopping onto the Sumo Sac and it’s a welcome addition of comfort to our family room, especially on movie nights!

See the different shapes, sizes and styles available from the Sumo website.

This would be fabulous for a rec room, college dorm room (one of the smaller sizes), game room or any other place you tend to relax.

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